EXO Adventure Club

Some of the best relationships and adventures many of us have experienced through our hobbies over the years, have been built on the foundation of enthusiast clubs. Whether it be cars, trucks, motorcycles, or other group interests, these clubs are the basis for building great friendships, reliable partnerships, and sharing incredible adventures. With this in mind, we are excited to announce "Club EXO" which will share many of these same foundations, with a few exciting twists and opportunities.


Anybody who has had the opportunity to participate in one of our dozens of runs over the past 5 years, has come to appreciate the level of detail which goes into each and every run. In order to provide the highest level off-road experiences we have decided to change the way in which we share the open desert with fellow owners in the future. In the end, our goal is to offer unparalleled adventures, while building very strong personal relationships.

There are a limited number of memberships available for all of 2021 due to the logistics involved in supporting the group and to ensure the best experience. 

While we were born in the Raptor community we allow all capable trucks. Our expeditions are fast paced so we do ask that your truck be modified to the performance level of a stock Raptor and in working order. For example, a Silverado or Tundra upgraded with bypass shocks would be fine on most of our excursions. We also recommend some sort of bump stop kit to prevent frame damage should you get a little carried away on the trail. Please contact us if you have any questons.

What's included?


  • Participation in any of the 7 U.S. runs throughout 2021.  See schedule above for details.

  • Fully equipped chase truck & trailer stocked with tools, fluids, and commonly damaged stock spare parts (Ford Raptor).

  • Entry into Icon alloy raffle. We'll be raffling 3 sets of wheels

  • EXO T-shirt, hat, decal, and hoodie for members.

  • Exclusive discounts from our sponsors. 25% off Icon Vehicle Dynamics, 25% off KC Hilites, 25% Icon Alloy Wheels, 20% off SVC Offroad bumpers. 

  • Annual raffle drawings for sponsor giveaways. 

  • Early-announcement priority for our Baja events (limited spots available, club members notified 24 hours before public).


We also have a few requirements for truck prep:


  • 50 watt vhf radio - programmed with Weatherman (151.625). If possible BFG Relay (151.715). 

  • GPS - Preferably lowrance. If you don’t have a lowrance let us know and we can figure something out.

  • 1 and preferably 2 full size spares - flats happen all the time in the desert and you don’t want to have to call it a day if you get just one. Several times we’ve had someone get 2 flats.

  • Auxiliary lighting - Not mandatory but certainly a good idea. Occasionally we find ourselves driving at night in the middle of the desert and stock lights won't suffice. 

  • ALL maintenance done and truck running in good working order. If you have a small problem with your truck it almost always becomes a big problem on the trail. 


What to expect on a run?


  • Most of our club runs cover anywhere from 300-400 off-road miles over 2 days. These are not hardcore Jeep trails. 

  • We design club runs to be easy going. Any stock Raptor would be fine on any of our adventures. 

  • Our runs are a great escape from the daily grind. Not only will you be able to put your truck through the paces but you will see some amazing sites which 99% of the general public will never see or experience.

  • Friendship - our runs seem to naturally attract some amazing people. Our crew has made many long lasting friendships through our runs. 


What's expected of me?


  • Most importantly - a great attitude!

  • Level headed driving - Our runs are not races. We expect you to obey all speed limits and drive at a safe and reasonable speed based on conditions. 

  • Failure to meet these expectations will result in your club membership being revoked (you will receive a prorated refund)

What does the membership cost?


Cost is $1850. Membership is good for all of 2021. *Expires 12/31/21

Why is Club EXO more expensive than other clubs out there? 

 There are several factors but the biggest cause is those other clubs do not cap their memberships to 25. We pride our selves on providing the very best experience on our runs so that means limiting the number of trucks on the trail.


It would not be right for us to sell 100 memberships and then tell three quarters of the club members they cannot attend a run because there would be too many trucks on the trail. We have had runs with 45 trucks before and as impressive as they were to pull off, the overall experience suffered. 

Lastly, the cost to put the US runs on the "right way" is expensive and we are doing our best to keep the cost as low as possible while still providing them. 


What if I want to cancel my membership?

Your membership is fully transferable. You would just need to find someone else to take it over which we can assist with. Once the membership is transferred you would receive a prorated refund. For example, if 2 club runs have already occurred you would get $1,300 back. 

Ready to sign up?

Fill out the form below and hit submit. From there you will be prompted to pay the membership dues via Paypal.