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Expedition: Aid Baja 

Hurricane Kay hit northern Baja on Thursday September 9th. It caused extensive damage down much of the Peninsula. San Felipe was hit especially hard with extensive flooding. 


The people of Baja are amazingly resilient and have already begun the rebuilding process. However, many were displaced by the storm and could use our help. This is why we are calling on our community to help by making a donation. Any amount helps. 

Expedition: Aid Baja game plan ~ On Tuesday September 20th, we will load up with supplies at the Costco in Ensenada and deliver them to San Felipe. Any unused funds will be donated to the selected charities. 

More on the Charities: 

Donations will be spread across the San Felipe Women's Shelter (under Volunteers Without Limits) , Men's Shelter, and Senior Shelter. Volenteers Without Limits currently prepares 150 meals a day for the displaced and homeless. They have an even greater need now. 

Charity Raffle: 

Our gracious sponsors have been kind enough to donate the following prizes for our charity raffle.


charity prizes final.jpg

Everyone who donates will receive the following entries:

  • Donations over $50 will receive 1 entry.

  • Donations over $100 will receive 3 entries

  • Donations over $500 will receive 20 entries

  • Donations over $1000 will receive 50 entries

Please hit the donate button below. Any amount helps! 

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