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Baja Charity

EXO has been planning something special for our next Baja run, and we need your help!


We've been visiting Baja for many years now, enjoying what the amazing scenery and culture has to offer. After visiting Baja we have always experienced a new found appreciation for the luxuries we enjoy at home. While these runs help the local economy, we feel we can still do more to give back to the communities who welcome us with open arms.  


With the help of Javier Castellanos, owner of the Old Mill Hotel in San Quintin (a favorite destination for many of our Baja participants), we have found 2 worthy causes of which Javier has informed us are the most in need of help.  One is an orphanage, 7, which provides food and shelter for orphans, who would otherwise be destined for homelessness or worse.  The other is a specialized care facility, Asael Unidos Para Ayudar, which provides care for disabled children and teens with a variety of physical and mental illnesses.  Both of these organizations desperately need all the supplies they can get, which will help them improve the care and rehabilitation of these kids.


EXO will be making a planned stop on Monday morning of our Baja run on February 18th to the orphanage.  We will invite the kids out to check out the trucks, get pictures, sit in the seats, and enjoy some swag and gifts that will be provided. 


EXO is asking for anyone who can afford to help to make a donation of any size. 

EXO will be matching the donations of up to $500 in total.  Our goal is to hit or exceed $1000 in donations, of which will be split between the two organizations mentioned above.  Javier will facilitate purchasing items he knows are needed for both groups, and accompany us on Monday to delivery the donated goods to these facilities.


To donate, follow the link in our bio. 


We thank you for your support!


EXO Team

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