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This years Cannonball is a free to participate run with a group leader and mapping provided.  No chase or support vehicles (there will be experienced mechanics on the trail).  Route for Saturday is fixed and should get us into Penticton BC around 5:00pm - up to the group to arrange dinner reservations if desired.  Sunday has multiple route options depending on the group and available time, we will plan to be back in Nelson BC by 9:00pm.  All hotel reservations and meals are the responsibility of participants - hotel recommendations below.  Registration is mandatory.

Kootenay Cannonball Details:

Starting Location: Downtown Automotive - 316 Stanley St, Nelson BC

Saturday meet time (start): 7:00 am Saturday September 23rd

Saturday: Off road to Penticton BC - aprox. 200 miles, short road sections, mid day fuel and snack stops, bring your own lunch

Saturday Night: Penticton BC ETA 5:00pm- Hotel of your choice (downtown area recommended)

            options: Sahara Courtyard In ($119), Ramada Penticton Hotel & Suites ($159)

Sunday meet time: 8:00am SHARP

Sunday: Off road to Nelson - multiple route options based on group and time (200 - 300 miles) ***extra fuel may be required

Nelson Hotels: Hume Hotel, Prestige Lakeside resort

What’s REQUIRED (checklist will be performed stateside, trucks will be turned away if all items are not met):


-  MOST IMPORTANTLY: Level-headed driving, within your capabilities

Mexico has many rules and regulations which participants may not be familiar with.  The list below is VERY important that we follow, any restricted items brought into Mexico could mean imprisonment, and large fines.


-  Passport for all participants (Driver, Passengers if you live outside of Canada) 


-  Current registration and license plates

-  Off-Road-Ready truck, all services, proper prep, all in working order


-  2 full-size spare tires


-  Race Radio 50-Watt or greater (details regarding frequencies to TBD)


-  Off-Road lights to supplement stock headlights


-  GPS chart plotter, Lowrance recommended


-  5 gallons extra fuel


-  Case of bottled water


-  Basic tools and recovery gear (Strap, shackles, jack, etc)


-  Fire Extinguisher


-  Layered clothing, for possibly variety of weather conditions


-  Cooler recommended


What is the cost?



-EXO Crew


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