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Expedition: lands End
10/14 - 10/21

We are thrilled to announce Expedition: Lands End!  If you’ve been wanting to join us on a Baja adventure...this is the one! This will be a once in a lifetime adventure-vacation as we criss cross the Baja peninsula all the way to Cabo (Lands End). 


Covering over 1500 miles of the Baja desert in 5 days, our group will experience trails driven by off-road legends such as Ivan Stewart, Rob MacCachren, Robby Gordon, BJ Baldwin, and many other racing champions. While our priority is ensuring a safe, relaxing, and fun run for all participants, both you and your truck will be challenged on some of the toughest off-road terrain in the world.


We will see some of the most amazing beaches and sites along the way. By now you guys know, Baja is amazing. It gets even more amazing the further south so we are very much looking forward to sharing this experience with all of you. 

Expedition: Lands End will begin Saturday October 14th and end on Saturday October 21st. We'll spend 5 days criss-crossing the Baja Peninsula down to Cabo. We'll spend 2 nights in Cabo before making our way back to the border. 

Day 1 - Day 1 will take us from the US border to San Felipe


Day 2 - We'll cruise south to San Ignacio. 


Day 3 - We head south from San Ignacio to Loreto. Along the way we'll stop in Scorpion Bay for some amazing shrimp tacos while we watch the surfers ride the waves. 


Day 3 - Our journey will continue as we make our way for La Paz. Along the way we'll checkout the San Javier Mission. 


After exploring the mission we will push further south.


Day 5 - Thursday we make our final push for Cabo! 


Day 8 - All good things must come to an end...we'll cross back into the USA in Mexicali. 



- Professionally designed course.


- Full trail support including: Full-time mechanics,  trail support trucks, fully equipped chase trucks & trailers, commonly damaged stock spare Raptor parts, and welding equipment.


- Hotel accommodations for 8 days / 7 nights


- Dinner & breakfast included at all destinations


- EXO and sponsor swag


What’s REQUIRED (checklist will be performed stateside, trucks will be turned away if all items are not met)


- Passport for all participants (Driver, Passengers)


- Current registration and license plates


- Mexico full-coverage insurance for your truck through Ride Baja Mexican Insurance.

- Off-Road-Ready truck, all services, proper prep, all in working order


- 2 full-size spare tires


- Race Radio 50-Watt or greater (details regarding frequencies to TBD)


- Off-Road lights to supplement stock headlights


- GPS chart plotter, Lowrance is recommended GPS solution but tablets with something like Lead Nav work as well


- 5 gallons extra fuel


- Case of bottled water


- Basic tools and recovery gear (Strap, shackles, jack, etc)


- Fire Extinguisher recommended

- Layered clothing, for possibly variety of weather conditions


- Cooler recommended


- Lunch will not be provided. 


- $20 in small US bills (singles) for Toll Roads


- Most locations accept USD, pesos can be used if preferred


- (Detailed item recommendation list to be provided to participants)


- MOST IMPORTANTLY: Level-headed driving, within your capabilities


Mexico has many rules and regulations which participants may not be familiar with. The list below is VERY important that we follow, any restricted items brought into Mexico could mean imprisonment, and large fines.




- All weapons or ammunition of ANY type (even a single bullet)


- Large knives (small pocketknife OK, placed in tool bag, not cab)


- Any and all non-prescribed narcotics (Pills, drugs, etc)


- Marijuana (including prescribed, they won’t accept your medical marijuana card, haha)


- Drug paraphernalia or residue of ANY kind


- Alcohol on the roads/trails (There will be time to drink each evening)


- Use of US credit/debit cards not recommended, cash preferred for your own credit protection. (Speak with our event staff for details)


- Reckless driving or speeding on public roads is ABSOLUTELY prohibited at all times.


What is the cost?


The price per vehicle is $6,200 per vehicle, including one passenger. You may secure your spot with a $1,200 deposit which is fully refundable 5 days from receipt. The remaining $5,000 is due August 5th.


There are a limited number of spots.  


Cancellation Policy:


*Should the event have to be rescheduled due to Covid19 refunds will be offered minus Paypal fees. (Paypal charges a 3% fee that they don't return even if a refund is issued)

The $1,200 deposit is refundable for the first 5 days after payment is received. There are no refunds after this initial 5 day period, including the final payment of $5,000 due on August 5th

Spots are 100% transferable without fees to another participant so you may sell your spot should you be unable to attend. We can assist in finding a participant to take your spot if we have a waiting list, but ultimately finding someone to take your spot will be your responsibility. 


We are excited to bring the EXO runs and it’s participants to new locations, and guarantee this will be the run of a lifetime for many participants.  Our goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for all, helping each participant successfully complete the adventure, building new experience and creating new friendships.  This is NOT a race, but an adrenaline-filled experience that will give each driver a taste of the Baja peninsula in the safest way possible.


As mentioned before, this run will be booked on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVE basis.  We will be fair and accept the timeliest entries first.


Thank You, we look forward to seeing you all on the trail.


-EXO Crew

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