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Expedition: Mojave- 4/27 & 4/28

We’ll be covering 500 miles over 2 days as we head from Barstow CA to Death Valley National Park. The route will have everything from winding mountain trails, rolling whoops, sandy washes, to high speed straightaways. Not only is the route going to be a blast to drive, it offers beautiful sites of the Mojave Desert & Death Valley National Park. 

Chase support:

We will be providing a chase truck and trailer. The truck will be stocked with spare tires and common Raptor parts. 

Truck requirements: 


While we were born in the Raptor community we allow all capable trucks. Our expeditions are fast paced so we do ask that your truck be modified to the performance level of a stock Raptor and in working order. For example, a Silverado or Tundra upgraded with bypass shocks would be fine on most of our excursions. We also recommend some sort of bump stop kit to prevent frame damage should you get a little carried away on the trail. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • 50 watt vhf radio - programmed with Weatherman (151.625). If possible BFG Relay (151.715). 

  • GPS - Preferably lowrance. If you don’t have a lowrance let us know and we can figure something out.

  • 1 and preferably 2 full size spares - flats happen all the time in the desert and you don’t want to have to call it a day if you get just one. Several times we’ve had someone get 2 flats.

  • Auxiliary lighting - we often find ourselves driving at night in the middle of the desert and stock lights won't suffice. 

  • ALL maintenance done and truck running in good working order. If you have a small problem with your truck it almost always becomes a big problem on the trail.

Driver expectations:


  • Most importantly - a great attitude!

  • Level headed driving - Our runs are not races. We expect you to obey all speed limits and drive at a safe and reasonable speed based on conditions. 

  • Failure to meet these expectations will result in you being asked to leave and will not be invited to participate in any of our future events. 




  • 6:45 - Gather at meet spot in Barstow gassed up and ready to go. We’ll load map files, air down, and have a quick drivers meeting.

  • 7:30am - Departure

  • 6pm - Hotel. We'll be staying in Beatty, NV. The best hotel in town is the motel 6. Here's a link to book: Motel 6  - Make sure to book quickly after you register. Motel 6 is one of the only affordable hotels near Death Valley so rooms fill up fast. 



  • 7:30am - Gather in the Motel 6 Parking lot for a quick meeting and then we'll be on our way.

  • Gas stop #1 will be in the town of Beatty.

  • We'll wrap up the run around 2pm assuming no mechanical set backs. 

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