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Return to Baja - Expedition

Our Baja adventure began in the parking lot of a strip mall in El Segundo, CA. El Segundo is about 20 minutes away from Tecate, where we would cross over into Baja. As the group gathered the excitement seemed to build.

Local PD decided to stop by and check out the trucks

Many of our group had traveled from far away. We had Dom and Robin from Colorado. Donnie, David, Mary, and Denali from Washington. Jerry came all the way from Oklahoma. And Doug, our resident crazy Canadian from well...Canada.

We gathered the group for a drivers meeting. Matt & Gordon walked everyone through what to expect at the border crossing and outlined the best practices for ensuring a safe and fun Baja experience.

Lol...this is a first. Strained my back trying to get a photo. Donnie's mom was kind enough to stretch me out. I need to do some yoga.

We then quickly jumped in our trucks and headed for the border.

As you approach the border you can’t help but get a bit nervous and excited. You just can’t help it. In a way it’s like the initial climb on a roller coaster. It’s slow and steady but you know many thrills await on the other side of the peak much like the boarder crossing into Baja. The months of preparation and anticipation have all lead to this moment…let the adventure begin!

We’d coordinated our crossing time with the board of tourism, which arranged for a police escort through town. While not really needed for security reasons it sure made for a quick crossing. We cruised through the boarder and made it through town in about 10-15 minutes. This would normally have taken at least 45 minutes with all the stop signs and stoplights.

Once we reached the trailhead, Allan greeted us. Allan lives part time in San Felipe and is our chase driver. We are very fortunate to have him on our team with his wealth of Baja experience and local connections.

We quickly unloaded EXO1 from the chase trailer and waited for a few stragglers who made a wrong turn on the way to the trail. Once our group was whole again we got moving down the trail.

The first section of trail was a blast as we navigated well graded roads with sweeping turns. Eventually we began to climb in elevation and the road became less maintained but no big deal for the trucks suspensions. We were still able to maintain a great pace.

Was even able to catch some air which always fun.

Roughly 30 minutes in we had our first mechanical issue in the group. Donnie was experiencing an unusual noise coming from what seemed like his transmission. We all stopped so the problem could be diagnosed.

Turned out to be his transfer case. It was bone dry and one of the chains had come off. While 4wd was not engaged, the spinning of the front wheels was causing the noise since the chain had fallen off. It was decided to pull the front driveshaft, and replenish the fluids. The truck seemed to be doing fine from there but Donnie decided to forgo the last section of trail once we reached the highway. He headed into Ensenada to see what he could do to repair the transfer case while the rest of the group would finish out the rest of the trail.

Eventually we reached a fun rock crawling section, which everyone seemed to have no trouble with surprisingly. And when we say rock crawling we don’t mean Jeep level rock crawling!

From this point on the trail was mainly slow going as we wound our way through the mountains.

Eventually we reached pavement and headed north back into Ensenada, our destination for the day.

Our support crew greeted us as we pulled into the parking lot of the San Nicolas Hotel. They had ice cold Monster Energy and Cervesa’s ready for us which was very refreshing after the last section of trail.

We passed out room keys to everyone and after a few minutes of chatting about the day we headed to our rooms for a shower prior to meeting up for dinner.

The group gathered in the courtyard for some appetizers and cervesa’s. The food was excellent and I actually ended up not eating dinner after stuffing myself full of sopas. The group gathered to head out for dinner and a night of good times but I couldn’t rally. I’d had 8 hours sleep in the last 2 days so I decided to end the night early.

We were up around 6:30 the next morning. The San Nicolas Hotel had breakfast waiting for us. The chilequiles was really good!

8am we all gathered for a quick drivers meeting before taking off.

The first section of trail was fast and “drifty”. We even ran across a few puddles which we had to bomb through.

The coast section is always a blast. There’s nothing like offroading an amazing trail along the ocean. Something you can’t do stateside. If this were California, it would be covered with multimillion-dollar homes.

Donnie and Gordon doing some drifting during our lunch stop.

and more drifting haha

Next up, we came upon an old ship wreck. Very cool sight to check out.

Eventually we reached a beach which is typically no problem at all. Problem was the trail was flooded out. We were forced to go over the rock section. It’s kind of like driving on sand except the rocks are bowling ball size. The 4wd truck had little issue. However, Donnie and the 2wd Rally Fighter did.

Donnie was successful on the first section but god it looked brutal. Still surprised his rear fenders are still in one piece. He ended did end up needing a slight tug at the end.