Expedition: Mojave - Texas Edition

We are excited to host a Texas Edition of Expedition: Mojave. Our adventure will cover over 600 miles over 4 days. Our adventure will begin in Barstow CA and end outside Mammoth CA. 

Expedition: Baja will begin on Wednesday November 16th and end Saturday November 19th 


Day 1: Barstow to Vegas

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Day 2: Vegas to Death Valley

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Day 3: Death Valley to Lone Pine CA

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Day 4: Lone Pine, CA to Mammoth Lakes CA. This day will have some dirt but will have a good amount of pavement. However, we will be checking out some amazing sites. 

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-  Professionally designed pre-ran course.


-  Trail Support: Mechanics, commonly damaged stock spare parts, welding equipment, technical/GPS support, fully equipped chase truck & trailer.


-  Hotel Rooms for each destination


-  EXO swag. 

What’s REQUIRED (checklist will be performed stateside, trucks will be turned away if all items are not met):


-  MOST IMPORTANTLY: Level-headed driving, within your capabilities.


-  Off-Road-Ready truck, all services, proper prep, all in working order


-  1 full-size spare tires


-  Race Radio 50-Watt or greater (details regarding frequencies to TBD)


-  Off-Road lights to supplement stock headlights


-  GPS chart plotter, Lowrance recommended


-  Case of bottled water

-  Basic tools and recovery gear (Strap, shackles, jack, etc)


-  Fire Extinguisher


-  Layered clothing, for possibly variety of weather conditions


-  Cooler recommended


- Lunch will not be provided, plan accordingly.


What is the cost?


The price per vehicle is $2500 per vehicle, including one passenger. You may secure your spot with a $500 deposit which is fully refundable 5 days from receipt. The remaining $2000 is due September 1st. We will send over invoices via PayPal.


Cancellation Policy:

Event participation is 100% transferable without fees in the event you are unable to attend, and need to cancel, and do not wish to be penalized for the late cancellation.  This arrangement would need to be worked out on a personal basis between yourself, and the participant taking your place. We can assist in finding a participant to take your place if we have a waiting list of participants, but ultimately the transfer of participation will be the responsibility of the owner if they cannot attend the event. 


Thank You, we look forward to seeing you all on the trail.


-EXO Crew